Is There a Difference Between Translation and Interpretation?

What Makes Interpretation Services Different from Translation Services?

The language industry is a difficult science. At some point in life, most people will need to use translation services. However, some book interpretation services. Is there a difference? Let’s find out.

Interpreting or interpretation of a foreign language means spoken and sign language communication between people speaking different languages. It is very easy for one to mistake interpreting and translation because they are very similar linguistic disciplines. But they are rarely performed by the same person. Why? Simply because they require different skills, training, and language knowledge. Usually, people who are translators to a high professional standard are not so good in interpretation and the other way around.

In short, the difference between translators and interpreters is that the first group are translation service providers who can translate written texts. Interpreters translate orally. Both sciences require plenty of love and knowledge to a certain language.

The key to success for both professionals is to use a library of good dictionaries and additional materials, to read and understand those aids accordingly. When you visit a translation agency, you want your text to be translated into a certain language clearly and accurately, that has to be performed by an expert with excellent linguistic and cultural skills, and what is more important someone who can write well in the target language.

Interpretation services just like translations are essential for many people. An interpreter should have impeccable listening and communication skills. They must be able to grasp the content of what’s being said and paraphrase it into their understanding. These specialists often use more than just the art of the clear speech, they also use gestures and certain face expressions in their interpretations.

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