When Are Interpreting Services Needed Most?

In Which Sectors Is Oral Interpreting Important?

The terms interpretation and translation are used by different people but unfortunately, not in their correct meaning. Very often, you may think you need a translator while you actually need an interpreter. So, we feel obliged to make that difference and outline the sectors of knowledge you will need interpreting services.

  • Conference; During a political or any other conferences, interpretation services are in high demand. These large meetings usually have lots of people from different countries who need to understand the discussed subject from a foreign language orally. TakeĀ German to English interpreting, for example, a specialist will translate what’s being said from German to English.

  • Judicial; Judicial, Court, or legal interpretation services are needed in the court of law where legal proceedings take place. This could be consecutive interpreting of witnesses’ testimony or simultaneous interpreting of entire proceedings. Cases with immigrants in the USA with no English knowledge is a typical example.

  • Public sector; Many politicians make statements in public. If they are foreigners, their speeches will have to be interpreted by an oral interpreting professional. This applies to governmental, social, housing, health, and welfare services. In many cases, the life of some people depends on the interpreter’s work.

  • Escort; In escort interpretation, an interpreter is accompanying a person on a tour, visit, or meeting somewhere. And the expert translating is called an escort interpreter.

  • Medical; In the medical sector, more often than not, interpreters are needed for the communication between Healthcare personnel and patients from different countries. In many cases, medical personnel consists of International participants needing interpretation services to be able to explain to patients specific medical terminology, common procedures, and other processes.

  • Media; Oral interpreting is needed in all media statements as well. It provides correct and accurate interpreting of political figures, musicians, artists, etc.

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